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January 31, 2009

Helping animals isn’t difficult. You can change their lives for the better.

Each week, I set aside time to do my bit for abused animals. Sometimes, these actions may not seem much, but collectively actions from everyone snowball into positive change. A couple of examples of what I do are listed below.  You CAN help voiceless and defenceless animals by fighting injustice. Please do your bit for abused animals now.


a) Appeals for help on worldwide message boards e.g. > New York > Beijing > Vancouver
If you live in another country, or know another foreign language, you will boost these efforts by translating the similar message into another language, using mass media (internet message boards, discussion forums, electronic bulletins etc unique to your locale) that will be effective in reaching the masses in a particular country.

b) Letters to media
i) NBC : My message below-
Irresponsible program segment on The Today Show

To:  , ,
My friends and I were deeply disappointed that  Matt Lauer, of NBC’s The Today Show, performed as a rodeo clown as part of his “scariest jobs” segment. Rodeo animals are continuously abused (check out more info and some videos), and it is irresponsible of NBC to glamourize the rodeo.

We think that it is only right that NBC, in the name of journalistic integrity, showcase the cruelty involved in rodeo, circuses and Spanish bullfights as well.  These information can be easily obtained from the Humane Society of The United States and PETA, who can name  celebrities who actually oppose  rodeo, circuses and other forms of cruel “entertainment”.

We believe that NBC will honor its good name before this slip in its moral standards, take our constructive criticism in its stride and feature the other truthful side of rodeo, circuses and Spanish bullfights to highlight the cruelty involved in so called animal-based “entertainment” .

Yours sincerely,

<end of message>

ii) The Province : my message sent this week:

TO: The Editor and Kathy Guillermo

GREAT WORK ! (Editor, Kathy Guillermo and team)

I would like to commend you and your team on publishing  an excellent opinion piece called “End These Useless Experiments” and for highlighting this enlightening fact:

“…researchers and the underpinning industries of animal breeders and transporters, cage and equipment builders and food manufacturers have a financial interest in convincing you that all this cash goes only to research aimed at saving human lives. It does not.”

This article served an important purpose in educating your readers about the cruelty involved in truly useless experiments on animals.

My family and I hope The Province will continue to educate the public on the various forms of animal abuse happening around the world that remain hidden from the public.  Example: The grotesque practice of fur-farming and skinning of “live” dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes and minks in Asia and Eastern Europe, and how the purchase of fur and fur-lined coats and sweaters actually promote the cruel fur trade.  I understand that there will be an anti-fur event organised by Liberation BC sometime in February 2009.  Please do feature this event and write up about it.

Yours sincerely,

<end of message>

It only takes a few minutes each day. Abused animals need you. Your help is a selfless gift of love and compassion. Please act now.

Other issues > Factory Farms > Baby Seal Hunt > The Meat Trade .

January 28, 2009

How You Can Help Animals in less than 5 minutes

National Day of Protest Against Fur

Why Protest Against Fur ? >>>  See why
How you can help >>>  Get Active
Wednesday, February 11th, 12-1 PM
Where: The Bay at Granville St. & Georgia St. (map)

February 11th is the National Day of Protest against fur in Canada, and Liberation BC will be celebrating with a big media event!

Haven’t come out to any events this year? Make this one your first! It’s super important and we really need your help!

Come on out at noon on Wednesday, February 11th. Do you wear clothes? That’s great! Feel like going naked? That’s even better! We need lots of folks willing to do both! (If you can make it—clothed or not—please contact Joanne at for more info.)

Walk for Farm Animals: The Results!

Way back on September 20th, 50 of you fine people came out in the pouring rain to walk and raise money for Farm Sanctuary.

This week, we finally received the results of all your hard work! The Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals raised:


Great job, everyone!

If you raised enough money to become a member of Farm Sanctuary, you should be receiving your membership information in the mail soon!

Check out how all the other cities did, and look at all the great pictures here!

Valentine’s Day Demonstration at Cru

When: Saturday, February 14th, 6:30-8:30
Where: Cru, 1459 West Broadway (map)

Cru took foie gras off their regular menu, but for this special holiday, they’ve added it back on. Nothing says “romantic” to us like the burst stomachs, anal hemmorrhaging, and lacerated esophagi of foie gras production. (Not only that, but foie gras appears to be almost as bad for humans as it is for ducks! Seriously–check out the article!)

We’re going to be at Cru with signs and flyers to politely remind people that there’s nothing romantic about torturing innocent ducks! Come on out and make your Valentine’s Day a meaningful one!

Here are 5 easy five-minute actions to help animals!

1. If you already know what’s wrong with rodeo, you’ll understand why we were upset to discover that Matt Lauer, of NBC’s The Today Show, performed as a rodeo clown as part of his “scariest jobs” segment. Rodeo animals are continuously abused (check out more info and some videos), and it is irresponsible of NBC to glamourize the rodeo.

Learn more about the responses to the segment, or contact NBC:

Email: , ,

2. Top French chef, Albert Roux, seeks end to ‘cruel’ foie gras

“Frenchman Albert Roux, who has trained high-profile chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Martin Wishart and Andrew Fairlie, said the traditional method of producing foie gras, by force-feeding ducks and geese, should stop. More humane methods should be used that allow the animal to gorge themselves naturally, he said.”

Read more here.

3. Cheese–it’s grosser than you thought! (From MSNBC.com)

“Cheese makes some foodies jump up and down like little kids, but behind that heavenly taste and texture lies bacteria, mammal stomach lining and pure fat.

To ripen cheese and add flavor, bacterial strains are freely injected and smeared into the substance. But not all have been accounted for, a new study finds.”

Read the rest at MSNBC.com!

4. The Province has published a great opinion piece called End These Useless Experiments:

“…researchers and the underpinning industries of animal breeders and transporters, cage and equipment builders and food manufacturers have a financial interest in convincing you that all this cash goes only to research aimed at saving human lives. It does not.”

Read the rest here and let the Province know that you liked it at !

(And learn more about animal experimentation at our page!

5. This week, we’re asking you to speak out against the horrors of shark-finning again by calling a third establishment in the lower mainland: the Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant! Shark fin products are incredibly cruel and we owe it to the sharks to speak out against the industry!

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant
3888 Main Street
Telephone: (604) 872-8822

Don’t know what to say? Try:

I am calling because I’ve heard that you sell shark fin. I oppose shark fin, and want to say that as long as you sell it, my friends and family and I will not patronize your establishment. Thank you.

Source: Liberation BC .

Tell Strathmore to Leave Ringling Bros. Circus Out of Its Festival

Strathmore, a nonprofit arts center, has plans to host Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus at its annual festival. We’ve repeatedly explained to the organization that by endorsing Ringling Bros., Strathmore would be supporting an industry that condones cruelty and violence to animals. Following discussions, Strathmore representatives told us that the festival will still include Ringling Bros. jugglers, clowns, and trapeze artists. We need your help to urge Strathmore to end its relationship with Ringling Bros. and to promise never again to partner with a circus that uses animals.

Ringling has a lengthy history of animal abuse and neglect. Trainers beat elephants with sharp metal bullhooks and keep these highly intelligent, social animals in shackles for the majority of their lives. Baby elephants are tied with rope, prematurely ripped away from their mothers, and forced to perform cruel and confusing tricks.

Please take a few minutes to use this form to send a message to Strathmore President Eliot Pfanstiehl urging him to drop Ringling Bros. from the annual festival. Ask that Strathmore never again partner with Ringling or any other circus that uses animals.

Please forward this message to friends, family members, and coworkers. Thank you for everything that you do to help animals.

For all animals,

Kristie Phelps, Assistant Director
Animals in Entertainment Campaign


January 25, 2009

You can help in less than 5 mins , more News updates

Golden Globe Winner Mickey Rourke Fights for Animals Known as one of Hollywood’s most notorious bad boys, Mickey Rourke is also a champ for animals. In his new ABC ad, he says, “Have the cojones to fix your dog.” Check it out now!

Help PETA Reach People on YouTube With Powerful Videos Visit PETA’s YouTube Channel and click “Subscribe” to help us attain heightened visibility and achieve the goal of becoming one of the “top five” most subscribed to nonprofit channels on the popular video-sharing Web site. Be the first to watch new PETA videos and give them a high rating.

Urge the NFL to Test Michael Vick for Brain Disorder! PETA has written to the NFL following a recent USDA report indicating that Michael Vick has characteristics that fit the profile for serious antisocial personality disorder. We think Vick should undergo a brain scan before the NFL even considers the possibility of letting him back into the league.

Wanna Be in a Pretenders Video?
Make your own video for The Pretenders’ new single, “Boots of Chinese Plastic,” and you may win a trip to Los Angeles to appear in the official fan video alongside Chrissie Hynde and the rest of the band.

Win New Vegan Macbeth Shoes on peta2
Find out why Hunter Burgan from the band AFI went vegan and what made him decide to partner with Macbeth to create his new vegan shoes. Then enter to win your very own pair on peta2!

Watch The Roost’s Second Hilarious Webisode
Did somebody say gravy?! You bet your cotton socks they did! The Roost is back, and the second webisode of the series has been released. Watch it today!

Source: People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals .

January 21, 2009

Stop LIVE animal skinning in China - sign the petition

I came across the message below and urge every kind-hearted person to help these animals:

Please this will only take 30 seconds of your time..

This is a call for signatures to a petition to help stop the LIVE skinning of cats & dogs. Yes that’s right, LIVE… Imagine someone going up to your dog or cat and skinning it live. This is happening today in 2008 in China and it is INHUMANE.

1) Head to http://animalsaviors.org
2) Watch the video to see it for yourself (see warning)
3) Sign the petition

WARNING: The video on that site is EXTREMELY graphic and definitely not for the faint hearted. If you are not the type who  can withstand blood & gore, I recommend that you stick to the words on the site.

Please invite all you know to this group….
Contact Info

Website:   http://animalsaviors.org .

January 20, 2009

Gillian Anderson Exposes Giorgio Armani in Shocking Video: Undercover Exposé Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter

Undercover Exposé Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter
Actress Gillian Anderson narrates new undercover footage from rabbit fur farms in China and France—countries designer Giorgio Armani is known to purchase fur from. Watch the investigation footage and write to Armani demanding that he drops fur now!
Find out more about Armani on peta.org.

January 19, 2009

155 dogs seized in Snohomish Co. puppy mill raid

.. A tip led deputies and officers to the residence and enough information was gathered to obtain a search warrant for the investigation of animal cruelty.

More than 80 dogs were found in a converted attic inside a residence in the 43000 block of May Creek Rd.

“Most of them in crates, most of them covered with feces, urine-saturated bedding, covered with fleas, they all were infested with fleas, some had sores all over their bodies,” said Snohomish County spokeswoman Carolyn Weikel.

Officers also found four dead dogs, two of them puppies that had been placed in a freezer.

The odor from the feces and urine was so overpowering it could be detected well outside the residence, and a large commercial dumpster in the yard was overflowing with dog waste. > more | If you’d like to donate dog food or money for medical expenses, contact the Animal Rescue Foundation at www.everettarf.org/ or call the Everett Animal Shelter at 425-257-6000. The shelter is also looking for volunteers to help with care.
Source: King5.com .

January 16, 2009

Together YOU helped stall Animal Abuse at circuses

The following is great news I received recently, sharing it with you

We have exciting news to share with you. When we discovered that D’Agostino, a New York grocery-store chain, was distributing discounted Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tickets to its patrons, we contacted company executives to share information about Ringling’s history of cruelty to animals. We explained that Ringling beats elephants with sharp, metal-tipped bullhooks to force them to perform silly and physically uncomfortable tricks that they don’t understand. After receiving correspondence from PETA and 5,800 members and supporters like you, company officials listened to our concerns, viewed the evidence presented, and agreed not to partner with Ringling Bros. in the future. Thanks to everyone who helped win this important victory for animals!

We also recently learned that Florida’s Blood Centers ran a promotion in several Florida counties offering individuals free Ringling tickets for donating blood. Following conversations with the Corporate Communications Department about how baby elephants used in the circus are tied with rope, prematurely ripped away from their mothers, and forced to perform cruel and confusing tricks, Florida’s Blood Centers also pledged never to partner with or promote Ringling again.

D’Agostino and Florida’s Blood Centers join Denny’s, Liz Claiborne, Lukoil, MasterCard, and Sears, Roebuck and Co., all of which ended their sponsorship or promotions of Ringling.

Thanks again for standing up for animals abused for entertainment. We couldn’t do our important work without your continued support and generosity.

For all animals,

Kristie Phelps, Assistant Director
Animals in Entertainment Campaign

Unnecessary Animal Testing for new cosmetics, drugs and household products

Have you ever wondered how many animals suffer in labs? It’s a good question. Because there are so many animals in laboratories and records are not kept for all animals, estimates of the number of animals tortured and killed annually in U.S. laboratories vary widely but are in the millions.

The Animal Welfare Act requires laboratories to report the number of animals used in experiments, but it does not cover mice, rats, and birds (used in some 80 to 95 percent of all experiments). Because these animals are not covered by the act, they remain uncounted, and we can only guess at how many actually suffer and die each year.

> Click to Watch Video

Many household products and cosmetics companies still pump their products into animals’ stomachs, rub them onto their skin, squirt them into their eyes, or force animals to inhale them as aerosol sprays. Charities such as the March of Dimes use donations from private citizens to fund experiments on animals, and the FDA requires all drugs to be tested on animals. However, animals differ from humans significantly, making animal drug tests unreliable and dangerous. New research methods, such as computer models, cell cultures, and human studies are more accurate, less expensive, and much more humane.

Meet David Waitzman, an animal experimenter at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Waitzman had a $1.7 million grant from the federal government that funded his cruel research on monkeys. He used the money to drill holes into monkeys’ skulls and implant steel coils in their eyeballs over and over again.

Let me share with you a shocking account from an actual cage log of Cornelius, one of the tortured monkeys in Waitzman’s experiments. Cornelius suffered from tremors and seizures for more than eight months after Waitzman drilled into his skull, yet Waitzman continued to use Cornelius in experiments in which he was held immobile in a restraint chair and his brain was poked and prodded. On his final day, Cornelius started vomiting and convulsing during an experiment. The convulsions developed into grand mal seizures, and Cornelius died from cardiac arrest.

So many helpless animals like Cornelius—some just babies—are condemned to spend their entire lives in barren metal cages in windowless laboratories. They are force-fed, injected with toxins, and afflicted with painful diseases. Chemicals are sprayed in their eyes and poured down their throats, and electrodes are implanted in their brains. Experimenters cut tissue from animals’ bodies without any anesthesia. All the animals are scared, and many die slow, painful deaths, as Cornelius did.

Companies that do not test on animals proudly state it on their labels. Send back items that you have from companies that test on animals, and write a letter to the companies explaining why you won’t buy their products anymore. For more information on animal testing and a list of companies that do not test on animals, see PETA’s Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers and be sure to share it with your friends! Learn more . > Donate to help PETA in its efforts to stop unnecessary Animal Testing .

Souce: PETA

January 14, 2009

It’s Brrrrr Cold out there, bring your pets indoors

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With temperatures dipping across countries experiencing the cold (snap), please remember to bring your pets indoors.  Spare a thought for other animals which you keep outside in the barns, stable and coops as well, if you have any.

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